I came to see Ann for therapy in order to get my life more on track.  I was procrastinating moving on with my career, my health,
my relationships and my life in general.  Ann provided me with expert life coaching combined with psychotherapy.  It has been extremely helpful in keeping me accountable and successful.  I have made tremendous changes and measurable improvements
in my life.  Mary Age 50    

    My 12 year old daughter was suffering with enuresis (bed wetting) all her life.  The bed wetting was
becoming more and more of a problem.  My daughter was unable to attend sleep-overs at her friends homes and the bed wetting was effecting  her self-esteem.  After 2 hypnosis sessions my daughter has never wet her bed again and that was 3 years ago.  I am so grateful.   Joan  Age 45

    I have been seeing Ann in therapy for more than 3 years.  During our time together one of the issues she treated me for were my panic attacks.  I had tried many other methods to get rid of my panic attacks but they always came back.  I took xanax for many years and was tired of using a medication that was so addictive and caused me to feed fatigued and unclear. Ann suggested that we use some relaxation therapy with hypnosis to help with the underlying, unconscious reasons I was feeling so much panic. At first I was skeptical.  But it was like a miracle.  After only 2 sessions and listening to her taped sessions at home, I was cured of my panic attacks!!!  No more xanax!!!  Melissa Age 40

    I couldn't recommend anybody more strongly than Ann Smollon; she has incredible empathy, understanding, and insight. I have grown incredibly working with Ann, as she has helped me confront real, deep issues, not symptoms. You realize early on she is your friend, yet not a placator, as she forces you to look deep into yourself. I am extremely fortunate to know Ann, and can't say enough about the benefits I've derived from working with her.  Mark age 38

    Ann has been my therapist for about 2.5 years. She has a very unique insight into what can help me. Ann is very candid and honest in her views. She cares deeply about her clients. Ann works hard to keep the lines of communication open. I would recommend Ann to anyone who needs help and  is ready to tackle their challenges. Joan Age 60.

    My journey through the healing and growing process is not one that I could have faced alone.  When I came to see Ann a year ago, I was crumbling.  I was suffering from pain, which I had never dealt with. The work Ann and I have done together has helped me to understand  that there are many ways to deal with the difficulties which life brings. The tools I have learned about through this work will stay with me and help me  throughout my life!    Catherine Age 33
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
by Ralph Waldo Emerson