Happiness is an emotional, spiritual and physical state. It may last for moments at a time or it may continue more or less unabated for a lifetime. It will often fade or get so disrupted by the stressors of life, that it feels as if it is unattainable. The continuation of the state of happiness depends foremost  upon the quality of the emotional and spiritual connections that one has with first and foremost SELF and then with friends, family, loved ones, and with the world at large. Conversely, a loss of happiness is often related to a disruption or loss of these important connections. 

Much of the pain that is felt in life, whether it takes the form of depression, fear or anxiety, or frustration or anger, may be due to connections to SELF and others that are in one way or the other impaired. Such painful feelings may be  sensed as a persistent confusion, a chronic inability to truly understand why certain important connections in life do not ‘feel right’ or do not match beliefs concerning what the quality of such connections really ought to be.

One of the main goals of psychotherapy is to develop a deeper understanding of one's connection to SELF, the world and to others as well. A successful psychotherapy strengthens emotional understanding. It is a process that fosters healing, wisdom and generates empathy, it brings renewed emotional, spiritual and physical health to each individual person.

My desire is to convey my  compassion to each of my clients, while using my 25 years of experience and skills as a therapist to heal the heart, mind and body, ensuring that each person is given the gift of wholeness to live a happier life and to share this with their family, friends and the world at large.